Meng Models Warship Builder USS Cleveland, Cartoon Model

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U.S.S. Cleveland was the lead ship of the Cleveland-class light cruisers. A total of 27 ships of this class were built, making it the most numerous class of light cruisers ever built. U.S.S. Cleveland light cruiser was armed with 12 6-inch main guns, 12 5-inch secondary guns and 12 40mm autocannons. All the guns could be used for anti-aircraft shootings under the guidance of director. So, this warship had excellent air defense capability and played an outstanding role in the WWII Pacific battlefield where air threats were greatly increased. The Cleveland is one of the Warship Builder series plastic models. Thanks to the bold design, the famous war machine in real life has been transformed to a cute warship model. This kit includes pre-colour parts. This model can be built in a quick and enjoyable way thanks to the press-fit assembly design and adhesive stickers. This kit is a detailed scale model for hobbyists. Glue and paint sold separately. Contains small parts.

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