Pitroad 1/144 Scale Russian Air Force Fifth Generation Jat Fighter Su-57 (Pre-Colored Kit)

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Su - 57 is the aircraft developed by the plan of the next major fighter plan in the Russian Air Force [Future Combat Complex for Tactical Air Force] plan and will be the successor to MiG - 29 and Su - 27, which are becoming obsolete It is a 5th generation fighter. The Sukhoi draft was adopted in 2002, full-fledged development was started. Although it was originally planned for the first flight in 2009, it was slightly delayed, and in January 2010 made the first flight as Sukhoi Design Bureau name [T - 50]. The shape of the aircraft that performed the first flight had large tapered blades with a leading edge of the main wing with a receding angle and a leading edge at the trailing edge, and the angle of the aircraft side and the angle of the tail wing had the same corner. In 2017, the Russian Air Force determined the military designation as Su-57. Camouflage coating pattern and canopy have been painted. No need for troublesome masking etc. Easy kit to complete by simply assembling and pasting the decal. This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit. This pre-painted kit from Pit-Road features the Su-57's distinctive camouflage pattern, and comes with decals for 4 versions and a display stand. All you need to do is put it together and apply the decals.

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