Pitroad 1/700 Scale Russian Navy Missile Destroyer Admiral Panteleyev

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Admiral Panteleyev is the last ship of Udaroi type I which was commissioned in 1991 as the 12th ship of the Udarooy class large anti-submarine. Two SS-N-14 anti-submarine launcher cylinders, 100 mm single gun and two 533 mm 4 consecutive torpedo launch tubes are equipped, and after the 3rd ship the flight deck has been expanded so that two helicopters can be parked simultaneously It is a heavily armed warship. Currently, it belongs to the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet with Admiral Tributz and two other isomorphic ships. In addition to the ship's bottom parts for full hull, the kit also added satellite communication antenna parts that were equipped later to make it possible to reproduce the appearance of recent years. Newly added parts: ship's bottom for full hull, satellite antenna, mastrace etc. (M45 Udaroy and same). Ka-27 helicopter anti-submarine patrol helicopter x 1 machine, deep sea probe boat meal x 1, BMP-2 infantry fighting car x 1. With 7 deck of the same type ship with a decal: 6th ship Admiral Tributsu (564 592) 7th vessel Marshall · Shasshinikov (543 555) No. 8 ship Severomorsk (619) (Former Shim Ferropole 684) Ninth Ship Admiral Lechchenko (605) 10th Ship Admiral · Vinogradov (572 554) 11th ship Admiral · Hallamov (498 606) 12th Ship Admiral · Panteleev (548) Sea / full hull model selectable. 1 cigarette. Total length: 234 mm. Old part number: M06. It is a renewal item of Admiral · Zakhalov.

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