Tamiya 1/35 Scale M1046 HUMVEE TOW Missile Carrier

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This item is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit. 

Seen more and more on roads around the world in its civilian form, Tamiya now unleashes an all-new tooling of this modern US military standard vehicle, first introduced in 1981. This is the first Humvee kit based on the production model now in use. Of the many variations in the Humvee family, Tamiya's choice this time was the clam-shell hard top type M1046 TOW missile carrier. On its rotating roof weapon mount, it is equipped with the TOW missile system, a deadly tank-hunting weapon with a long effective range and great accuracy. The sophisticated laser/thermal sighting system has enhanced its combat ability as well. Tamiya has reproduced this weapon system perfectly with the thermal sight parts on top. As well as the exterior, the interior of the vehicle is arranged specifically for the TOW carrier with some containers and a missile tubes rack. Regarding the vehicle itself, Tamiya reproduced the light armored body (protection from the shell fragmentation). Its characteristic suspension is very detailed with many parts but the assembly is fairly easy. Tires are made of rubber, with accurate treads. In addition to the original driver and gunner figures with PAGST body armor, replacement bodies wearing the latest Intercepter body armor, used in Iraq, are included. Decals are for four different types of markings.

Full Kit.

Includes: Plastic Sprues, Vinyl, Waterslide decals

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