At Ease in the North Seas - 1/700 Derfflinger

At Ease in the North Seas - 1/700 Derfflinger

21st Apr 2022

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Commissioned in 1914, the Derfflinger sailed for Germany during World War I. It was the lead ship of her class. Sailing with her were fellow Derfflinger-class ships Luetzow and Hindenburg.

She took part in many notable battles including the Battle of Jutland where the Derfflinger helped sink the HMS Queen Mary and Invincible.

The INVINCIBLE takes direct hits from Derfflinger.

Towards the end of the war, she was to be part of a last-ditch effort to inflict as much damage on the British Navy as possible. The hope was that this would lead to better end-of-war negotiations for Germany.

This plan was foiled when hundreds of disillusioned German sailors began abandoning their ships, wanting no part in this suicidal run.

She was scuttled in 1919 to avoid capture by British forces.


Blogger Kostas posted a great 1/700 Derfflinger build to his page that shows the ship at rest in calm seas.

The photo-etch work is immaculate. Of note is the anti-torpedo netting found off the port and starboard sides.

The mottled appearance of the hull paint indicates some wear and tear without going overboard (no pun intended!). Looking at photographs of ships is a great way to get an eye for what kind of weathering looks realistic.


Maybe the most important part of a diorama is to clearly tell a story. Kostas does a great job at this. All the details point to the same story.

For example, the ship is anchored. The anti-torpedo nets are deployed. The crew is on the deck in relaxed positions. The sea is calm. All these independent details work together.

It is crucial to keep your diorama’s theme in mind as all the pieces come together. Often, a quick sketch of your end goal can help you stay focused.

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