Bring In the Heavies - 1/35 Takom T29

Bring In the Heavies - 1/35 Takom T29

16th May 2022

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Check out today’s mammoth offering of polystyrene pleasure! Built by International Scale Modeller member Drunkmaster, this 1/35 Takom T29 is packed with detail.

At a time when the King Tiger was the most feared Axis armor on the battlefield the American Heavy Tank Project was commissioned to build a tank to counter it. As a result, in March of 1944, the T29 began development.

It never saw battle, having missed the war in Europe, but would feature some impressive traits. It weighed 64 tons, was 37 feet long, and 12 feet wide. It could hold 63 main gun rounds for the 105 mm cannon. Further, it had three .50 caliber machine guns and one Browning M1919.

The T29 carried eight road wheels per side powered by a Ford V12 gasoline engine. A crew of six was required to operate the massive machine.

Ultimately, only 8 T29s were ever made, the war’s end negating the need for more.


Luckily, Takom captured this vehicle in plastic form before it could slip into history. Drunkmaster expertly crafted that kit into the work of art you see before you. The great weathering is a standout on this model. There is a buildup of dirt, oils, and debris in areas you’d expect it to be.

Little details like the MRE box, .50 caliber brass, and external stowage give this prototype the feel of a tank that is fully deployed. Expertly warped track skirts give subtle evidence of long use.  The troops displayed in the last photo look glad to have the T29 for cover!

My favorite detail is located on the front of the hull. Look carefully at where the missing spare track link should be. He has painted on a wear pattern to indicate that the links used to be there. That is a pro-modeler detail in my book!


There are a million different ways to weather armor. There’s no way I could go through them all in this article. Instead, I’m going to post a fantastic build video of the Takom T29 by one of my favorite YouTube builders. If you build armor, this is the guy to watch!

And don’t forget to check out Drunkmaster’s build in more detail, here!


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