El Tigre - 1/32 Trumpeter P-40F Warhawk

El Tigre - 1/32 Trumpeter P-40F Warhawk

25th Apr 2022

Welcome to the Free Time Hobbies Workbench. Here you can find great builds and techniques from around the web. We highlight different model builders to show you cool models and how you can do it yourself!


Today we have a beautiful build by Tolga Ulgur, a lifelong model builder from Istanbul. He’s put together a crisp 1/32 Trumpeter P-40F Warhawk.

The P-40 was one of the most produced fighters of World War II behind the P-51 and P-47. Despite having problems at high altitudes, the Warhawk would carve its way through the Axis powers on every front.

Over 200 allied pilots would become “aces” using this platform. Twenty of them earning the title twice over.

Due to the P-40’s durability and cheap production, it was used as a close-air support plane long after it was obsolete as a fighter.


Like many of us, Mr. Ulgur used his pandemic down time to hone his craft. With aid of reference material, he started by sanding down excess plastic on the nose. He returned its distinctive curve back to a more recognizable shape.

He upgraded the kit with an aftermarket instrument panel and pilot seat. On the outside, he added a resin exhaust and new wheels.

He doesn’t seem to miss a beat with the weathering and paint job either. The custom-made decals work perfectly with the tan color scheme.


It looks like he pre-shaded the panel lines before applying the overcoat of paint. This is a great way to add depth to the plane. To replicate this technique, trace all your panel lines in black with an airbrush. You should be using a low PSI and a thin needle.

When this is done, you can begin applying thin layers of your overcoat until you’ve reached the amount of saturation you want. I like this technique because you have control of how much panel lining you want to let show.

Check out his page for more photos of this great build.


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