Making a Splash - Skywave 1/350 Japanese Escort Ship

Making a Splash - Skywave 1/350 Japanese Escort Ship

21st Mar 2022

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We have a real doozy of a diorama for you today. It’s got action, crazy detail, and a few tricks up its sleeve. Behold the Skywave Japanese Escort Ship Ukuru in 1/350 scale.

Blogger, alex_leshy posted this amazing build. We aren’t sure if he was the builder, but we appreciate him bringing it to the world.

We see a perfectly weathered Japanese escort ship at sea with crew. It’s in the middle of an attack run by a B-25 Mitchell. The moment is frozen in time with subtle, but effective, bullet impacts on either side of the ship.

The B-25 is airborne, about to cross over the port side of the ship. It is tilted as if getting ready to climb out of the attack.


The Mitchell is cleverly held aloft with a rod attached to the starboard wing, running down into the resin water feature. A geyser hides most of the rod and helps suspend the disbelief.

Other bullet impacts are created with tufts of cotton, teased into place. An application of hairspray would work to help hold the shape.

Using clay and resin is a good way to create the waves. Chunks of clay can be shaped to create the negatives for the waves and placed into a mold. Resin poured on top will take the shape left around the clay. Once set, flip the mold upside down and remove the clay.

With a lot of cleaning and polishing, you can get the type of waves you see here. Remember to consider the space for the ship’s hull. A rotary tool can help soften any hard edges or resin creep you have left. 


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