Showing Off the Big Guns - Tamiya 1/350 USS Missouri

Showing Off the Big Guns - Tamiya 1/350 USS Missouri

24th Mar 2022

Welcome to the Free Time Hobbies Workbench. Here you can find great builds and techniques from around the web. We highlight different model builders to show you cool models and how you can do it yourself!


Here’s a truly legendary build of a legendary battleship. Built by Won-hui Lee, this model shows off his amazing skills. He has really captured a ship in action. He did it with a full hull kit, too!

His inspiration for this build came from his appreciation of its service during the Korean War. He is from South Korea and says, “I want to make all the things I can express her. She helped liberate my country and rescued my homeland from the North Korea’s invasion.”

His future aspirations include building a version of the USS Missouri that was operational during the 1950s.


This kit is a Tamiya 1/350, built as it looked in 1944. It includes photo etch from Lion Roar as well as 3d printed accessories. The figures are from North Star Models, US Navy positions 1-3.  Check out these 3-D printed crewmen from Black Cat Models!

One thing that is hard to miss with this ship is the amazing hull paint job. It appears to me that he has used a mottling technique with an airbrush to give it a very dynamic look.


You can accomplish this look, too! First, apply your base coat color. Next, mix a darker shade of the base color and apply small splotches of it randomly across the hull. After that, mix up the lighter shade and go back over the hull.

You don’t need to be exact. Overlaps and gaps add to the effect. Finally, use a thinned out base color to cover over your hull. This might take a couple of passes to tone down the obviousness of the splotches. Other weathering effects can be used over this effect as seen in his build!


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