The Prince That Served - Tamiya 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales

The Prince That Served - Tamiya 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales

18th Apr 2022

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Previously, we showed off an amazing build of the German battleship Bismarck. Today, we show you the ship that forced the Bismarck to turn around and head to port for repairs. During that trip the mighty Bismarck would be sunk.  Her motto was "I Serve" and serve she did. 


The ship was the HMS Prince of Wales. She was loaded with ten 14-inch Mk. VII cannons, sixteen 5.25-inch Mk. I cannons, and thirty-two 40 mm Mk. VIII cannons. With a length of 745 ft., she was an imposing craft.

On the day she made contact with the Bismarck, the crew managed to put one shell into its bow and one below the water line into its boiler machinery room. This caused the loss of two boilers and salt-water contamination of the Bismarck’s fuel. Due to the damage, the Bismarck would halt its raiding campaign and turn around for port.

The HMS Prince of Wales would be sunk by Japanese air attack on 10 December 1941 near Singapore while attempting attacks on Japanese transports.


Modeler Hyn Soo Kim put together an amazing Tamiya 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales kit. What I first noticed is the detailed weathering. The actual ship went from the Atlantic to the Pacific with many operations in between and this weathering shows that level of service.

The full hull lets us see residue built up around the waterline. Surface rust appears in spots likely to get a lot of sea spray. Kim added different shades of the camouflage colors to indicate areas that had been repainted or faded. It all comes together with excellent streaking and filters.

To bump up the level of detail, Kim went with aftermarket rigging, life rafts, winch, and anchor. He’s made one of the most convincing flags I’ve seen on a model, displayed at the bow of the ship.  He's also done a great job painting the deck.

This ship build has hit the right note by showing a vessel that has seen rough service. None of the weathering goes too far as is often easy to do.



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