• Can I visit your location?
    • As of August 2017, Our e-commerce warehouse and fulfillment center (Store) is no longer open to the public.
  • How Do I See the New Items?
    • Go to the category that you are interested in seeing the newest items of. Right above the first row of items there is a Drop-Down box that says "Sort by:"  By default "Featured Items" is selected.  Simply change this to "Newest Items" and you will be able to see the newest items in whichever section you would like!

  • I can't log into my account
    • Because this is the combination of all of our previous sites, you will need to create a new account

  • What about my old pre-orders?
    • All pre-existing pre-orders are still on file and we will let you know when they arrive.  Some items we will put the order in the new site and ship out to you, others you will need to put in a new order to receive a further discount.
    • To access the old Pre Order website (which at this time is still open for business) go to www.hobbypreorders.com. The preorder site will soon be also combined into the new website.

  • I can't see how to navigate the website
    • The new website navigation is the most improved part over our old websites. The main categories (Model Kits, Diecast Alley, Model Trains, General Hobby, Etc) are listed across the top of every page right below our logo.  Along the left side of all the category and search result pages is a Filtered Search feature that you can use to "Refine" your results. The design of the new website is a responsive design, which means as the screen gets smaller the website changes to accomodate the new size.... all the way down to the right size for cell phones. The minimum recommended screen resolution is 1280 x 768 but the site is designed for modern LCD and LED monitors that by default have much higher resolution.  To test to "responsive" feature, you can resize your Internet Browser window to see it, but, to see the full site, simply make sure your browser is maximized.  If you want to use the smaller version of the site, or, you are using your phone.... the way to get to the menu is by clicking the 3 grey bars at the top left.

  • The old email address I used to contact you with does not work.
    • The email address for diecastalley, ehobbies, freetimetrains, pacificfront, larsenal-usa, and blue ridge models are no longer valid.  Our email address for all questions, comments, or concerns or to check on orders is now sales@freetimehobbies.com

  • Do I need to re-sign up for "email me when its back in stock"
    • Thankfully this was one part we were able to transfer over so you will not have to re-sign up to be notified when items are back in stock.

  • This FAQ is available for viewing anytime at www.freetimehobbies.com/faq/   
    • We will update the FAQ section if more questions steadily come in.
    • Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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