Squadron Signal CH-47 Chinook In Action

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With its tandem, contra-rotating rotors whirling above an aluminum fuselage punctuated by round porthole windows, the Boeing Vertol CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter has become something of an icon – a status it owes in no small part to its long service life of already more than 55 years – a career that some experts predict will ultimately reach a century of service. This all-new volume explores the development and the US military service of 13 models of Chinook from 1958 to date. Included is extensive coverage of the CH-47’s use in Vietnam, where the type first gained fame, through Desert Storm, through current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, coverage is provided of the helicopters use during various disaster relief efforts. Over 160 archival color photos, augmented by 48 vintage black and white images and numerous line drawings spread over 80 pages, present a clear and concise illustrated history of this iconic helicopter.

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