Squadron Signal UH-1 Huey In Action

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Although development of the iconic UH-1 Huey began in 1952, this versatile helicopter remains in service with the US military and allied nations even today. The aircraft, which became an icon of US involvement in the Vietnam War, was originally designated the HU-1, which begat the now-familiar Huey name. Originally conceived as a medical evacuation and utility helicopter for the Army, the type was adopted for use by all branches of the US military, and its roles evolved to include use as an aerial gunship as well firefighting duties. This 80-page volume chronicles the use of 15 different versions of the Huey, not only in Vietnam, but also on through the current use of the versatile helicopter in global war on terror. Profusely illustrated with over 200 photos, 160 of which are vintage color, supplemented by numerous detailed line drawings. By David Doyle

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