Takom 1/72 Scale ‘Bruno’ German Battleship Bismarck Turret B

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This is an injection-plastic ship model kit. The Bismarck was a German Navy battleship commissioned in August 1940 during World War II; it also gave its name to an entire class of ships. Its main gun was not the triple or quadruple gun adopted by other great powers, but rather a 38cm 48-caliber gun that complied with the Washington Naval Treaty. The German Navy adopted a name system whereby the main turret was usually known as A (Anton), followed by B (Bruno), C (Cesar), D (Dora), and after that, the phonetic radio code in order from the direction of the ship's bow. The Bismarck class is equipped with a good optical fire control system, and the German Navy used pods on battleships as well as tanks to shorten the firing interval between shells; the Bismarck was able to sink the Hood in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. She was known for her high hit rate and artillery ability. This kit includes photo-etched parts, a cylindrical base, and decals for five versions. [Includes]: Photo-etched parts, decals for 5 versions

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