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eHobbies has all the tools and model building supplies you need to create stunning works of craftsmanship. Tweak your model to perfection with precise model building tools designed specifically for your hobby. You’ll find everything you need for the construction process including model glue, decals, putty, tweezers, clamps, sandpaper, files, model knives & more. If you’re looking to refine your work and it’s power tool accessories you’re looking for, eHobbies has you covered. Our fantastic model building power tool selection includes engraving bits, polishing bits, sanding bits, grinding bits, cutting saws & anything else you need to fashion your model just the way you want it. You can also fully customize your model with a unique pain job. With a vast selection of acrylic model paint, enamel paint, spray paint and airbrush paint, eHobbies makes it easy to create a standout work of art. You take pride in your work. At eHobbies, we take pride in providing you with the supplies you need to do what you love.