1/350 Blue Ridge Models - 20mm Single Oerlikon Pedestal Base (x24) - 3D Printed

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Blue Ridge Models presents a brand new series of 3D printed accessories for 1/350 ship modelers!  These parts are printed on the highest quality 3D printers and are ready to spice up any ship model! 

The material is a resin, so modelers can use the same glues and paints used on any other resin kit.  These guns are ready to cut off the sprue, paint, and glue to your model.

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Blue Ridge Models
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  • Posted by Alfred O'Daire on 1st Dec 2020


    Blue Ridge 3D 20 mm Oerlikon 1/350

    When these first arrived on scene, I ordered several sets as I had several Essex carriers and Iowa class builds underway. They are terrific replacements for the Trumpeter kit gun and eliminates the need to add PE shields. Significant speed up of a tedious part of a WW2 ship build. My only problem is that I didn’t order enough and they tend to sell out quickly

  • Posted by chris johnson on 16th Jun 2020


    1/350 Blue Ridge Models - 20mm Single Oerlikon Pedestal Base (x24) - 3D Printed

    These and the twin Oerlikon set are the first 3d printed items I have ever purchased, so i was not sure what to expect. I am pleased to say I am 100% happy with them. Very clean and crisp. I am now able to complete a number of projects. Excellent. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Blue Ridge and the team at Freetime hobbies.

  • Posted by Alfred O'Daire on 14th Oct 2019


    Terrific 20mm guns

    Great detail. I’m building 5 different WW2 warships and need plenty more. I hope they come available again soon

  • Posted by Alfred O'Daire on 21st Jun 2019


    3D printed 20mm pedestal base 1/350

    These guns make WW2 ship modeling much easier with a better end result than anything that comes in even the best kits. Only complaint—they are of stock and I need about 150 more!!!!

  • Posted by Craig Ross on 10th Apr 2018


    1/350 Blue Ridge Models - 20mm Single Oerlikon Pedestal Base (x24) - 3D Printed

    beautifully done - should be a great help to an "old guy" like myself with an older set of eyes that finds kit items poor and aftermarket items a challenge - 3D printing has opened up a world of possibilities

  • Posted by Dr. Doom on 4th Apr 2018


    1/350 Blue Ridge Models - 20mm Single Oerlikon Pedestal Base (x24)

    Superb design. Ends the nightmare for the elderly and fat-fingered among us in attaching barrel assemblies to pedestals.

  • Posted by Myles Marcovitch on 23rd Mar 2018


    Blue Ridge 1:350 Single 20mm 3D Printed Gun Mounts

    These came at the perfect time. I'm building a 1944 version of the Trumpeter 1:350 Essex and it has a lot of 20mms. I was struggling using the kit's 20mms upgraded with tiny PE GMM parts. The Blue Ridge guns look great, are nicely scaled with a realistically scaled barrel. My only concern is they are very, very fragile. I was having trouble separating them from the mold block without breaking off one of the shoulder rests, and I also broke off a few of one side of the splinter shield. I'm modifying how I separate them from the block, but I'm sure I will probably break a few more. I wonder if they could be printed with the same detail with a less brittle resin.

  • Posted by William Swan on 22nd Mar 2018


    Blue Ridge 20mm single/pedestal base

    Excellent product that looks convincing and eliminates the hassle of PE or mixed media products. Price is reasonable and the parts themselves are easy to work with. I only wish I had access to these before now.