1/700 Flyhawk German Battleship Gneisenau 1940 Deluxe Edition

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Gneisenau was completed as a sister ship of Scharnhorst on May 21, 1938, and was mainly engaged in operations with its sister ship, Scharnhorst. 'When World War II began, he participated in the Battle of the Faroe Islands offshore in November 1939 and sank the Royal Navy's armed merchant ship Rawalpindi in cooperation with Scharnhorst. 'Participated in the Battle of Norway offshore in June 1940 and, with Scharnhorst, defeated the British Navy aircraft carrier Glorious. After that, he engaged in a trade destruction operation, and moved to Gotenhafen to replace the main turret with a 38 cm gun. 'In 1943, Hitler issued an order to destroy a large ship and Gneizenau received an order to destroy a large ship in response to the defeat of the Battle of Barents in 1943. 'The turret on the Guneisenau was diverted as a fortified gun and a coastal gun. 'Of the three main gun turrets, the first turret was divided into single guns and installed in the Netherlands, and the second and third guns were installed in Norway as three fortifications as a fortified gun. 'The third turret and secondary turret still exist. 'And Gneisenau was dismantled in 1947 after self-sinking as a closed ship of Gotenhafen in March 1945.

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