1/700 Flyhawk Models German Battleship Scharnhorst 1943 Deluxe Edition

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Information on [1/700 German Navy Battleship Scharnhorst 1943] from Flyhawk. 'Launched on January 7, 1939 and built primarily for trade destruction operations, it has a high speed of 32 knots despite being a battleship. 'As a result of the battle, the Royal Navy's fancy cruiser Rawalpindi, the aircraft carrier Glorious, and 22 other merchant ships have been sunk. 'The aircraft carrier Glorious hits the fire from a distance of about 24.2km, and has the longest hit record of ship fire. 'And in the Battle of Kita-misaki, the last battle of Scharnhorst, after the war that had sunk but sank, the British Fleet Commander's instructions [the gentlemen, the battle with Scharnhorst was our victory. finished. I want someone of you to command the ship as well as Scharnhorst when it is required to fight against an opponent whose strength is more than doubled. It was enough to say. [Performance specifications] 'Standard wastewater volume: 38147 tons 'Full load: 38092 tons 'Total length: 235.4 meters 'Maximum width: 30 meters 'Maximum speed: 31.65 knots 'Cruising range: 7100 nautical miles / 19 knots 'Crew: 1968 'Armaments: 28.3cm (54.5 caliber) 3 series 3 guns, 15cm (55 caliber) 4 artillery guns, 15cm (55 caliber) 4 single guns, 10.5cm (65 caliber) 7 high angle guns, 37mm ( 83 caliber) 8 artillery cannons, 20 mm (65 caliber) 4 artillery cannons, 20 mm (65 caliber) 10 artillery cannons, 53.3 cm, 3 torpedo launchers

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