1/700 Flyhawk Models HMS Agincourt Plastic Model Kit

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The battleship Edincourt was originally ordered by the Brazilian Navy to be armed by the British Armstrong, and was planned to be built as a battleship [Rio de Janeiro]. Naru ship was sold. 'The buyer was the Ottoman Navy, and the ship name was [Sultan Ottoman I]. 'As the ship was completed and training was underway, in the beginning of August, just before World War I, the British government considered the Navy power when the Ottoman Empire was on the enemy side as a threat. The other ship will be forcibly confiscated. 'As a result, this forced requisition is said to be one of the reasons why the Ottoman Empire leans toward the Central Alliance. 'After being confiscated by the United Kingdom, it was named [Edincourt] and became a member of the Royal Navy First Battleship Squadron, and participated in the Battle of Jutland in the First World War, but there was no outstanding activity in March 1919 Became a reserve ship. 'On the armed side, the main gun boasted the world's largest number of guns with 7 and 14 consecutive guns, but ultimately it was not possible to develop a shooting control device to control 7 and 14 guns The accuracy is not good. 'Although it was not able to play a significant role on the battlefield, it became an unusual ship with three names belonging to three countries depending on the situation. [Performance specifications] 'Standard wastewater volume: 27850 tons 'Full load wastewater: 30860 tons 'Total length: 204.7 meters 'Maximum width: 27.1 meters 'Maximum speed: 22.0 knots 'Cruising range: 7000 nautical miles / 10 knots 'Crew: 1120 [army] '30.5cm (45 caliber) 7 units '20 15.2cm single guns '7.62cm (45 caliber) single high angle gun '7 10.5cm (65 caliber) high-angle artillery '3 single 53.3cm torpedo launch tubes -Standard version comes with 1 etched part and 1 decal.

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